Available courses


Welding, Measuring, Lathe Machine

Safety in Workshop, Measurements and Gauging, Fitting

Drawing Equipment and Lettering, Line Types, Dimemsioning

Tools and Equipment, Measuring Instruments

Auxilary View, Basic Description Geometry, Basic Object Development, Intersection of Soilds, Pictorial Drawing, Isometric Projection


Tolerances, Threads, Fasteners and Springs

Working Drawing Assembly, Introduction to AutoCAD

Semester Two

Theory of Machine II

Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer

Shaft, Bearing

Theory of Machine II

Solar Radiation, Building and other Solar Thermal Application, Hydro Power, Power from the Wind, Photovolatic Generation, Biomass and Bio fules, Geothermal Energy

To study how to analysis the power system

Discuss Igneous rock.

This course is based on PHP Language.

Atomic and Molecular Structure

Engineering Drawing