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CO1. Ability to understand the fundamental knowledge and performance parameters in evaluation of IC engine performance, the speed of IC engine, fuel consumption, air consumption and automobile performance: Tractive effort, resistance of automobile etc.,

CO2. Ability to understand the thermodynamic principle are used in the design of engine parameter,

CO3. Ability to understand the operation principle and how to design the ignition system of SI engine, injection system of CI engine, carburetor system, and supercharger and turbocharger components, cooling system and lubrication system of the engine,

CO4. Ability to understand the stages of combustion in SI and CI engine and phenomenon of detonation of SI engine and knock characteristic of CI engine and effect of engine variable on it,




1Domain and Taxonomy Level – Cognitive (C), Level 1 - 6; Affective (A), Level 1 - 5;    Psychomotor (P), Level 1 – 5

Elementary data structure, stack, queue, linked list, trees and shortest path algorithms.


Blueprint B2 Studentbook