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for fifth year,


speaking is the most important skill in the english language.

This course provides an introduction to computer networks, with a special focus on the Internet architecture and protocols. Topics include layered network architectures, addressing, naming, forwarding, routing, communication reliability, the client-server model, web and email protocols.

Assessment Plan
Attendance  10%
Tutorial        10%
Class Activities 20%
Exam             60%

An overview of data structure concepts, arrays, stack, queues, trees, and graphs. Discussion of various implementations of these data objects, programming styles, and run-time representations. The course also examines algorithms for sorting, searching, and some graph algorithms.

Assessment Plan:

Quizzes = 10%

Assignment = 20%

Tutorial = 10%

Class Activities = 10%

Attendence = 10%

Exam = 40 %

This course is very important for first year electrical power student.

This course is about database.

Basic Knowledge for Information Technology

This is to discuss about flowers.

This Course is very easy.

In this course, to know myanmar vowels and basic myanmar subjects.

to know chemical experiment and to paratice chemistry lab

Nuclear Physics

This Course if for attack detection subject.

This Couses is for first year Basic Engineering Drawing.

Strength of Materials (Part 1: Stress and Strain) - YouTube

to know basic concept of  Textile Engineering

This course is for analog electronics.

This Course is for PEE.

To know the basic electronic.

This course is for Integrated Electronics.

To get the knowledge of the fundamental mathematics and algorithms that underpin robotics including representation of pose and motion, kinematics and dynamics and control

speaking is the most important skill.